EdTech in Finland - 11 Top Startups

The education system in Finland acknowledges the need to constantly reevaluate and revamp their pedagogies of teaching. This is why most of the country's schools, even the publicly-funded ones, are embracing the constant offerings of technology in education. Startups and companies focusing on edtech in Finland are working to further improve their already high-quality education system.

Considering that Finland has one of the most rigorous and competitive education systems globally, educational technology is considered the standard of teaching and learning. The country has also gained international attention to their cutting-edge tools and policies in place for education. This positive trajectory made Finland be one of the top countries to have a robust EdTech market.

With digital technology becoming more commonplace rather than a luxury in everyday life, global education and training expenditure will expectedly rise to at least $5 trillion by 2030 (1). The speedy advancement of technology and its penetration to households and institutions prove that it is only right that education should follow the digital boom. 

The Current State of EdTech in Finland

The Finnish government is dedicated to making Finland be a world-class laboratory for digital learning and the future of pedagogy in 21st-century education. Academic institutions are well-supported by the government when it comes to academic freedom, especially on learning materials and teaching methods.

This is why most edtech startups and companies in Finland are taking the industry-specific route rather than providing generalist solutions (2). Learning techniques vary on different levels —from the national mandate to the university curriculum and down to the classroom set-up. Because of this approach, the market is more profitable when startups and companies provide ingenious, unique solutions.

Another striking characteristic of the edtech market in Finland is that it is geared in a multicultural approach. Compared to other countries, Finnish education technology covers a wide base of different cultures seeing that Finland receives many immigrants coming to their country for education. 

When the Finnish National Core Curriculum was renewed, modifications to the pedagogy were implemented to improve the teaching and learning processes within learning institutions. Finland's National Board of Education provided concise goals for the modification which were mirrored by the edtech startups and companies:

  • Increased self-responsibility over academics is assumed as well as the support that instructors give.
  • Self-assessment is encouraged when it comes to the learning target.
  • Students should be life-long learners by taking into account their individual learning approaches.
  • Areas of interest, experience, and feelings are included in the basic foundation for learning and teaching.

Through these modifications, Finland highlights that technology in education doesn't end in having cutting-edge tools. The ultimate goal is to provide technology that actually improves the learning outcomes because, without effectivity, the role of technology in society diminishes. Efficiency and effectiveness are crucial factors in improving educational technology in Finland.

The 11 top edtech startups and companies located in Finland:

1. Mightifier

Mightifier is an application that focuses on social and emotional learning. The app aims to focus on one's strengths through positive peer feedback. By providing criticisms that are positive in nature, education becomes an environment where students are eager to improve.

2. Lightneer

Lightneer is a company that develops mobile applications. The studio specializes in creating games on strategy, puzzle, arcade, and more. Lightneer also develops other educational applications for academic institutions.

3. Claned

Claned is one of the top EdTech startups and companies that provides AI-powered learning platform for academic institutions and corporations. Artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics provide users with insights on performance, motivation, and orientation. 

The platform also offers learning materials, collaboration features, and personalization of learning goals.

4. Sanako

Sanako is a digital language learning solution that provides both hardware and software resources of language laboratories. They also offer cloud-based classroom solutions for virtual learning set-up. Features include student monitoring, digital recorder units, and more.

5. HoxHunt

HoxHunt is an anti-phishing solutions company that develops and provides large scale security of institutions and corporations. The company specializes in social engineering to distinguish and report phishing initiatives through a gamified simulation as part of their training programs.

6. Fuzu

Fuzu is a recruitment and job board marketing platform that also serves as career guidance for young workers. Users have the basic ability to search for a job based on type, location, etc. On the other hand, features are available to employers to help streamline their application process. 

Fuzu also offers career readiness programs in the field of insurance, banking, finance, and more.

7. SkillPixels

SkillPixels is a game application available on iOS and the web that targets math learning for kids ages four to eight years old. Contents are aligned with the Common-Core curriculum of Finland. 

8. Musopia

Musopia is an application studio that specializes in creating music software. Their applications focus on learning chords, songs, and pieces in a targeted way to their instruments. This Finnish edtech startup has partnered with local guitar manufacturers to create new learning experiences.

9. Moomin Language School

Moomin Language School makes language learning games for kids. Aside from language teaching, the application also promotes hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning, and mathematical thinking. 

10. TeacherGaming

TeacherGaming is a company that makes education apps based on famous games available. The companies projects include MinecraftEdu, a combination of Minecraft and KerbalEdu that allows students to experience space exploration. TeacherGaming also has a marketplace for educational games.

11. 3D Bear

3D Bear aims to create an environment where people can learn and work with 3D and Virtual Reality. It offers the basic and advanced fundamentals of robotics, 3D modeling, and printing.