9 Top EdTech Startups in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is developing and transforming its education system by embracing education technology. A number of innovative edtech startups and companies in the UK are making significant impacts on the education sector both nationally and globally.

According to the UK's Department of Education, "The use of technology in education will be transformed by a new government strategy to reduce teacher workload, boost student outcomes, and help level the playing field for those with special needs and disabilities." There are several companies in the UK working on developing and refining technologies to achieve these results, improving access to the best learning tools and resources.

9 Leading Edtech companies in the UK: 

1. Knoma

Knoma is a platform marketplace for technology & IT courses built on top of a payment platform that allows students to structure course tuition repayments interest-free.

2. FutureLearn

The FutureLearn platform provides free online courses to students from UK universities or organizations, from languages arts to history, math, science, business management, and more.

3. Kano

Kano created a coding system with DIY kits introducing kids (aged 6 and over) to build computers and learn basic computer engineering fundamentals.

4. Touch Surgery 

Touch Surgery is an Android and iOS 3D surgery simulator allowing for students and surgeons to rehearse operations on anatomically accurate patients outside of the operating room.

5. BibliU

BibliU is an online e-book solution with a built-in search engine allowing users of its iOS or Android app to buy and sell digital textbooks affordably.

6. Fuse

Fuse developed a social networking learning management system connecting teams with the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve their skill sets.

7. Macat

Macat is an online library solutions provider for learning critical thinking skills.

8. Graduway

Graduway is a SaaS-based alumni and donor networking platform monitoring and connecting alumni with current students.

9. Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance provides loans to international students who enroll in business school.