Education Technology in Thailand - Top 11 Startups

In the past few years there's been massive growth in the number of newly founded edtech startups in Thailand. The country's digital space is gradually expanding to incorporate education for both the public and private sectors. 

Thailand has a long tradition of placing high importance and value in their education and provides 12 years of free public education. Although the government places high resources in improving its educational system, the results have not been as desirable, considering the investments made to date (1).

In assessing Thailand's educational system, there is a glaring disparity of education quality between public and private learning institutions. Unfortunately, the edtech startups and companies in Thailand have traditionally fallen within that status quo.

Education in Thailand Today

Education in Thailand is seen as a public service provided by the government. However, the private sector, including the edtech startups and companies, see it as a profitable opportunity. Companies today are more focused on creating and providing solutions in the private sector where there is a profitable demand for them from a business perspective. As a result, most edtech initiatives are focused on upskilling and reskilling adults (18+) rather than improving K12 education (2).

Since the budget for education provided by the government can only accommodate the traditional operations of a public institution, there's not much space for digitalization and incorporation of technology in education. That means that there is little to no demand for edtech solutions in the public K12 levels.

This divide is magnified in the quality of education between public and private learning institutions. The usage of education technology in public schools is limited because the schools aren't equipped with proper ICT infrastructures and equipment in the first place. 

The response of edtech startups and companies to Thailand's educational system is also a social manifestation. For Thai citizens, basic education is a necessity regardless of the resources presented to them. But once their K12 education is finished, further education is a self-investment that they must spend on. Edtech is concentrated in this part of the sector because of this.

Where Are EdTech Solutions Most Needed in Thailand?

Looking at the current situation, the most pressing issues in Thailand's educational system is school administration, teaching, and learning (3). Traditional schools, especially public learning institutions, are swamped with administrative work that takes away the attention to learning. Teachers take more time dealing with paperwork than teaching, and students take most of the day fulfilling academic requirements that take away holistic development.

Private companies aim to invest where they will see a return on investment. Where that primarily is right now is for young adults and the current workforce, as improving their education and skill sets results in that return of investment for the individuals. Edtech initiatives are thus more focused on improving upon the skills that are denied in Thailand's formal education. 

There continue to be efforts made in all sections of the education system from startups aiming to improve the education, and the lives, of people in Thailand and around the globe. Many of these companies create resources and systems designed to help kids succeed and invest more time on learning.

11 Leading EdTech Startups in Thailand (2021)

1. SkillLane

SkillLane is one of the top edtech companies in Thailand that offers courses online targeting young professionals 18-24 years old looking to obtain new skills. Specialized courses are designed to fill skill and knowledge gaps not met during formal education relating to digital and financial literacy, business, administration, science, and more.

2. Dexii

Dexii is a high tech virtual reality education startup that allows its users to have a gamified and VR-enabled experience with an ideology that you'll learn better when you play. It's an immersive, fun, and educational experience.

3. Taamkru

One of the notable EdTech startups in Thailand is Taamkru, an iOS and Android is an application that aims to reinvigorate learning, especially in preschoolers. The app offers a gamified way to help children study and prepare for exams. Taamkru has a suite of other educational apps.

4. ProSpark

ProSpark is a Learning Management System that is targeted for companies to upskill and reskill their workers with high customization. Through ProSpark, companies can onboard, train, certify, conduct knowledge transfer, collaborate, and connect their employees. 

5. OpenDurian

OpenDurian is a platform that helps students prepare for their exams. They offer courses that are targeted to national and international standard exams. OpenDurian has a wide range of resources for Mathematics, English, aptitude, civil service, university entrance exams, IELTS, GAT/PAT, and more. 

6. Globish

Globish introduces itself as a platform that offers "English courses for working people." Globish offers online instructor-led courses for individuals who are looking to learn English formally with help of interactive lessons and live video.

7. InsKru

InsKru is an EdTech startup that is designed mainly for teachers to improve their pedagogy of teaching. It's a platform where teachers can share engagement, teaching methods, and other pedagogical ideas fit for primary school through high school.

8. Voxy

Voxy is an English language education program for working professionals. They offer general English courses and help you prepare for English skill-related examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, and TEFL.

9. Conicle

Conicle is one of Thailand's biggest learning management solutions that allow organizations to create courses, assign those respective courses, analyze data, and track progress. They specialize in developing skills in the field of language, technology, business, and design.

10. Vonder

Vonder is a platform that offers microlearning and games that make learning fun for its users. You can create your own microlearning games using their Vonder Flash (quiz-type), Vonder Jump (agility-based), and Vonder Quest through their platform. 

11. WE Space

WE Space is a gamified online career counseling platform that helps students explore and discover their own skills and translate them into a comprehensive career plan. They offer self-reflection questions, career exploration, and experience-based assessment to help their user find the career that is well-suited for their interest and skills set.