EdTech in Sweden - Innovative Startups and Businesses

Sweden is highly competitive when it comes to its quality of education, regarded as one of the top countries for having excellent education. Scandinavian countries receive an outsized amount of outside investment compared to the rest of Europe, and Sweden is a leading force in the growth of edtech.

The country is included in the top ten countries in the world based on education rankings (1). While United States is home to almost half of the world's edtech companies, Sweden tops the list when it comes to venture capital funding in the education technology sector (2).

The Swedish government itself has invested considerably more into their education compared to the world average. A minimum of 6.8% of the countries total GDP is devoted to public spending on education. That's well above the global average investment of 5.6% (3).

The government sees education as part of a crucial public sector, so public expenditure on education continues to grow. They place a high value on continuing education beyond the basic and mandatory years of schooling. 

This leads to immense support for lifelong learning for both employed and unemployed people. For Sweden, both formal and non-formal education are equally important.

The Current State of EdTech in Sweden

The Swedish EdTech Industry is a leading non-profit organization cultivating a strong system of edtech networks in the country. The association aims to push Sweden to become the leading country in the world that takes advantage of the opportunities and effects of digitalization in the education system. 57% of new edtech startups in Sweden are appropriately funded and taken to the market.

Further cultivating this culture of innovation, Sweden holds yearly conventions like EdTech Sweden, where people gather to confer, share, and exhibit their services. 

11 top edtech startups & companies in Sweden:

1. Sana Labs

Sana Labs is an application that offers a personalized algorithm to keep track of the user's education and determines the best way for the user to learn. Sana has the ability to tailor and provide course materials that are appropriate to your learning level, capacity, and style.

2. Strawbees

Strawbees is one of the unique EdTech startups in Sweden. Strawbees is a provider of recyclable educational toys for kids. Their kits consist of "straws" in which children can connect them to build mechanical objects. The company created these toys to develop the user's skillset for electronics, engineering, programming, construction, and design.

3. Optolexia

Optolexia is one of Sweden's EdTech groundbreaking innovations. Developed by Karolinska Institute, Optolexia uses an artificial algorithm to track the user's eye movement and identify early on whether a child has dyslexia. 

Their algorithm can identify the challenges and reading disabilities, making it possible for teachers and parents to intervene early.

4. DigiExam

DigiExam is a platform that provides digital exams to its users. The learning institution can use DigiExam to replace paper examinations, making it easier for students to provide their answers and for teachers to grade them.

5. Kognity

Kognity is a company that provides digital textbooks aimed at International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. The platform allows instructors to support their students in their learning trajectory effortlessly. Kognity's interactive features are tailored to provide efficiency and effectiveness on both sides of the learning process.

6. QuizRR

QuizRR is an EdTech that focuses on workers. The company provides a digital training solution for factory workers. QuizRR includes training and course materials on workers' rights and responsibilities, wage management, and worker management.

7. Schoolido

Schoolido is an online platform targeted for high school education. For students, Schoolido allows the users to consume their course materials in the most effective way for them individually —through audio recordings, video, and reading materials. Course materials, class schedules, grades, and more are easily viewed and edited by the instructors. 

8. N'gager

N'gager is a development platform targeted to improve employee experience and leadership. The platform offers solutions for internal communication and development like employee onboarding, performance, and engagement.

9. Dugga

Dugga provides assessment solutions for educators and students. Dugga can be integrated into the institution's Learning Management System to allow teachers to create exams and manage them appropriately.

10. Coursio

Coursio is a SaaS-based platform for learning institutions to create online courses and modules, including a marketplace where instructors can also sell their courses. Coursio's features allow instructors to create engaging courses by incorporating slideshows, images, text, presentations, videos, and appropriate downloadable files.

11. Learnster

Learnster is a company that offers a platform for corporate learning management. Users can design, sell, distribute, deliver, and manage their learning courses and modules.