12 Leading EdTech Startups in Pakistan

The education sector in Pakistan is both rapidly advancing and playing catchup on a global scale. Many children in Pakistan struggle with education due to a lack of infrastructure, internet accessibility, and unsafe commutes. Edtech startups in Pakistan are aiming to breakdown these barriers and improve education for all citizens.

Education in Pakistan Today

UNICEF estimates 44% of children aged 5-16 are not enrolled in school… over 22 million kids nationwide. In an effort to increase the number of kids that receive a formal high quality education, the government of Pakistan has recently launched an Android mobile learning app for students K-5.

Several startups and established companies have built educational technologies, tools and resources in Pakistan to reach everyone with internet access and an internet-connected device.

Top 12 Edtech Companies Based out of Pakistan

Learning Bytes

Learning Bytes is a virtual learning environment offering video sessions from local and foreign teachers alongside qualified tutoring sessions. Through Intellectus, their proprietary learning management system, students can access live interactive classes, practice tests, and tutorials.


Orbit offers Pakistans first AR-based education iOS app for students. 3D visualizations and interactive learning from Orbit-Ed cover STEM topics science, math, engineering, and technology.


DIY Space is digital resource provider for creative projects from web development to robotics. Students can get physical hardware, alongside the guidance and education required to build each project.


Nearpeer is the largest online educational platform in Pakistan, providing university courses and certification preparation. Courses are available in the form of downloadable video lectures teaching finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and more.


TeachifyMe provides an online platform of studying resources for students to access books, revision notes, and previous year tests for exam preparation.


Sabaq provides educational mobile applications for children aimed to increase student engagement with scalable, accessible digital learning content. Animated videos, interactive exercises and teaching guides for use alongside traditional pedagogical methods. 


Edkasa offers live classes and short, detailed videos designed to familiarize students with essential concepts in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and English.

The Tution Hub

The Tution Hub is an online tutor discovery platform provided by students of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), facilitating online video sessions to school kids for tutoring lessons.


Daakhla is an online student portal where students can register themselves for any educational institute in Pakistan. Students can apply to institutes and get career guidance and counseling services.


EDTechWorx is a course creation and delivery platform with hundreds of online courses and virtual classrooms available, the company offers a gamified online school system.  


Clarity is a decentralized platform that uses Blockchain used by employers to verify academic degree authenticity.


Digital Education Streaming Kiosk (DESK) acts as a digital educational content provider. The DESK content toolbox includes video lessons, notes, quizzes, and exam preparation.