The Current State of EdTech in Israel (2021)

Israel is home to a wide variety of initiatives developing leading technologies in the education sector. The constant push for innovation that is practical and accessible to the students goes hand in hand with making the educational market viable for investors. Edtech in Israel is a rapidly growing industry.

The first notable governmental efforts made to modernize Israel's education system dates back to 2014 when the Ministry of Education launched a national computerization program that adapts the system to the rigors and demands of the 21st century (1). 

The education system in Israel is focused on turning learning institutions into computerized organizations. Traditional administrative works are herded to upgrade into seamless digital transactions. Teaching pedagogies are also encouraged to be modified in ways that improve relevant in-demand digital skills.

In line with these goals, the Israeli K-12 education has fundamentally highlighted the education in media and digital literacy. 

The Current State of EdTech in Israel

The Israeli education system is focused on harnessing technology that will improve learning retention in relevant skills that are in-demand in a global and technological age. Considering that the world is defined by technological changes that influence how we live, education is one priority.

To improve the state of edtech within its borders, Israel prioritizes bringing in and attracting investments that aim to create and provide social yield, alongside a financial gain in the education sector. Through these investments, they'll provide funding and capital to develop innovative solutions for the challenges the Israeli education system faces.

In stimulating the edtech market in Israel, the government strengthened public-private partnerships in bringing technology to the classrooms. One of the initiatives is the GovTech program that uplifts and assists entrepreneurs, startups, and companies in creating technological solutions for the public sector in the field of education (2). 

Since having auxiliary tools available for teaching shows a positive correlation to education improvement, the market for edtech in Israel is robust. It's a market where the traditional meets the digital innovation in learning. 

Edtech startups and companies mirror the current practices of Israel. They don't aim to entirely scrap the current system but rather provide solutions to ease the day-to-day rigors of education and learning. A notable trait of edtech in Israel is that most of the startups and companies are multi-participant. One way or another, it's all about learning as a community where no student gets left behind. 

Contrary to the perception that digital technology is cold and lonesome, Israeli's edtech vision is to become a non-geographically bounded community platform. A platform wherein knowledge and learning surpass boundaries.

12 Top Innovative EdTech Leaders in Israel:

1. is a language learning platform that makes learning a new language convenient. They offer a mobile application and a Chrome extension so their users can easily highlight a foreign word, look up its definition, and add it to their dictionary. 

2. Neurotech Solutions

Neurotech Solutions is perhaps the most unique edtech company in Israel. They specialize in attentional profiling and analytics through AXON. AXON is an online, cloud-based test that uses animation to analyze a student's attention skills and provide learning points for teachers to help their students learn and function better. AXON is also available for corporate businesses. 

3. CybeReady

Part of Israel's edtech market is to provide solutions for the new challenges that the digital age brings. CybeReady is a company that offers an anti-phishing assessment as well as training and monitoring employees who are more prone to compromising enterprise security. 

4. Epistema

Epistema is a platform dedicated to the process of decision-making as a collaboration between teams and businesses. Users can create groups to collaborate with, manage the administrative tasks of their business, and have a comprehensive data sheet that will help them make operational decisions. Epistema is also available for classroom use.

5. TinyTap

TinyTap is a platform where students and teachers can play or create their own interactive quizzes and games. Users can create templates for their games or build one from scratch. They also have the option to integrate music, photos, and more into their content.

6. Tonara

Tonara is a Learning Management System for music educators. Through their platform, instructors can manage their lessons and schedule seamlessly. Tonara offers Teacher's studio, calendar management, assignment management, and more.

7. Strigo

Strigo is an educational platform for virtual classrooms where teachers can conduct a lecture and hands-on training. Features include videoconferencing, chats, code snippers, and an advanced interactive whiteboard. Strigo is also equipped with cloud-based workstations, where instructors can collaborate in real-time with the students.

8. Jolt

Jolt is a platform that offers online management courses targeted at professionals. Courses offered include marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and more. Jolt also has interactive workshops that are led by experts in the industry.

9. Mathika

Mathika is an edtech startup solely focused on Mathematics. The platform offers game-based math learning environments for students. Mathika contents are geared towards teaching students to become self-learners. 

10. Texti

Texti uses Artificial Intelligence to teach the English language, focusing on English grammar, vocabulary, and reading, presented in a unique, trendy way. By connecting language learning to pop culture, users can relate to their learnings and increase their effectiveness. 

11. JoyTunes

JoyTunes is an application that is geared for students learning how to play instruments online. The app uses a patent-pending MusicSense Engine that gives real-time feedback on the student's playing. JoyTunes has a collection of over a thousand songs and pieces.

12. Sense Education

Sense Education is an assignment evaluation tool that helps teachers evaluate open-ended assessments objectively. The application analyzes patterns of previous submissions from the students to help the app summarize each solution type.