10 Top EdTech Startups in Australia

Education technology is transforming Australia's education sector, making access to learning materials more accessible and that are more personalized and engaging. Edtech startups in Australia are some of the most impactful, useful, and innovative companies in the world.

That doesn't come as surprise though...

Australia's largest service export is education, and there are over 1,000 online education providers across the country. Experts expect that this sector of the economy will continue to rise due to a longstanding leadership role in international education.

Over 15% of Australian startup founders are targeting the education industry. 

More than 15 percent of new startups being founded in Australia are in the education technology sector. EduGrowth, a non-profit established in 2016, is Australia's education technology and innovation industry hub that supports edtech startups in Australia. EduGrowth plays a crucial role in uniting a community of education providers, edtech entrepreneurs, and industry participants. They have developed a community of more than 1500 entrepreneurs, educators, and business leaders. 

These are the 10 most innovative education technology companies and startups in Australia (2021) 

Critical Links develops e-learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools in challenging environments. Their C3-MicroCloud creates a self-contained domain that works without local power or internet connectivity.


Peopleplan developed a digital learning platform for upskilling the workforce with certifications through learning modules, unique quizzes, videos, gamification, animations, and activity elements. 

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is a cloud-based digital learning management platform to deliver, manage, and analyze coursework while embracing collaboration between students and educators.

Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning offers a tutoring and training platform for students grades 2-12, providing live video sessions, learning content, progress reports, and real-time feedback. 


Zookal allows users to borrow, buy, or sell academic physical and digital textbooks. They also provide on-demand 'Homework Help.' 


Compass is a completely integrated school management platform that offers attendance tracking, semester progress reports, budgeting, staff & student portals, online payments, parent-teacher interviews, curriculum building, and more.

Open Learning

Open Learning is an open marketplace for online courses and degrees in subjects from math and science to arts, sports, or lifestyle. 


Go1 is an online learning platform providing employee training in a customizable training portal. Courses are available on their public marketplace, or companies can create a new course unique to their business.

Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior is a secure online training platform providing a secure training platform for users interested in coding and cybersecurity at a self-learn pace. 

ORIGO education

ORIGO Education provides a cloud-based learning management system and interactive digital resources for elementary mathematics students.