EdTech in the Philippines - Leading Innovators

The field of education is ever-evolving worldwide. With the current global state and technological progress, many educational institutions and individuals have turned to online learning. Edtech in the Philippines is a booming industry attempting to cross the barriers that currently exist.

The Current State of Educational Technology in Philippine Classrooms

The Philippines has been characterized as one of the countries with the fastest-growing internet access in the world. It has also been distinguished as the "social networking capital of the world." This title has been given to the Philippines because of daily average usage times nearing 4 hours and mass adoption. Evidence of Filipinos being early technology adopters can be seen in the estimates that by 2025, 76.27% of the entire population will use social media.

However, despite the rising activities involving digital consumption, the Philippines falls behind its fellow ASEAN countries (Association of South East Asian Nations) regarding the affordability of internet services, internet penetration, and service speed.

How many people have stable internet access in the Philippines? 

There are 73 million people in the Philippines with internet access —or 78.84% of the countries population. 

percentage of households with stable internet connectivity in the Philippines

In a survey by the Department of Information and Communications Technology, only 17.7% of households in the Philippines have their own stable internet access at home. Meanwhile, 24% of households have communal cellphones, and 23.8% have communal computers.

There is massive potential for more adoption and utilization of educational technology services and products as infrastructure and affordability improve access. 

Several edtech companies and startups currently provide incredible educational resources today in the Philippines. We've assembled the leading edtech companies based out of the Philippines on the list below. 

The top 11 Edtech companies in the Philippines:

1. Edukasyon.ph

Edukasyon.ph is currently the largest online youth platform in the Philippines to empower Filipino students to fulfill their careers and lives through education.

Edukasyon is a platform where Filipino students can access free online courses, school information, scholarships, and other resources to help them pursue an education-led career. 

2. PhilSmile

PhilSmile is committed to helping schools and universities to improve their EdTech by providing a comprehensive school management system. 

By limiting specific manual bureaucratic processes in education and moving them online, efficiency is improved to increase student-teacher interactions rather than excessive administrative works. 

3. Learntalk

Learntalk is committed to helping Filipinos advance their language skills through affordable lessons via video calls. It was developed by Filipinos in official partnership with the British Council.

4. Edusuite

Edusuite is a company that provides an efficiency improving AI-powered school management system aimed at relieving teachers' administrative burdens. 

K-12 and college-centered, Edusuite offers enrollment management, curriculum management, attendance management, class scheduling, and predictive forecasting for class suspensions.

5. Diwa Learning Systems

Diwa Learning Systems is the leading provider of print resources in the Philippines, also offering ebooks online.

6. JakenPoy’s Study Buddy

The Study Buddy is a digital learning platform that offers reviewers for Social Studies, Filipino, English, Math, and Science curriculums set by the Department of Education. Jakenpoy is the Filipino version of the game rock-paper-scissors. 

The company aims to minimize learning distractions by making learning itself fun and appealing to the students. 

7. KITE eLearning Solutions

KITE (Kindling Imagination through Technology in Education) offers various edtech applications and services in the Philippines ranging from fun reading applications for kids to e-learning programs for educational institutions.

8. Tactiles (IQube)

IQube is an educational hands-on app powered kit teaching electronics and circuits designed by Tactiles to integrate advanced technology in education that encourages curiosity and critical thinking. 

Tactiles encourages project-based learning by structuring IQube for absolute beginners. A virtual teaching assistant is also available.

9. OrangeApps

OrangeApps offers an integrated management platform for schools and universities. Their cloud-based system provides various administrative and learning management features via their web and mobile integrated platform.

10. Wela School Systems

Wela takes school management to another level by offering various modules that include RFID and SMS systems through ID management, enrollment, library management, and more. 

The company aims to improve faculty productivity that is learning-focused through providing necessary technological capabilities.

11. Infinite English

Infinite English is a monthly subscription learning plan that provides live one-on-one online classes and English language tutorials. 

Curriculums are tailored specifically for each student and classes are held via Skype. Infinite English also provides tutoring and review to supplement the student's formal lessons.