EdTech in Norway - 2021

Norwegian education is one of the most well respected and sought after education system in the world. It has an international reputation of excellence and being a well-rounded system that makes their education sector highly advanced compared to most other countries. Norways' commitment and utilization of edtech plays a big role in that.

Norway's overall success in providing its citizens with a highly accessible, quality education that fits the digital age didn't happen overnight. Government efforts to push the education system of Norway further than their neighboring countries started early. In 2004, Norwegian authorities set up the National Quality Assessment System to assess and inform new education strategies (1). The primary goal was to provide a multi-faceted system that yields quality results and can be sustained through changes of government. 

Over the last few decades, Norway has successfully provided a top-notch education that emphasizes learning competency in the 21st century.

Fun Fact:  In 1736, learning to read was made mandatory for all children in Norway.

A unique aspect of the Norwegian education system is their staggering success with homeschooling. Even before the recent events that made digital learning closer to the norm, Norway was already operating a highly digitalized school system (2). 

The Current State of EdTech in Norway

As a result of technology being highly utilized in Norway's education system, it's not a surprise that some of the top edtech startups and companies in the world came from this country.

Going back to Norway's self-assessment of their education system, their government recognizes the importance of decentralized education that focuses on the learning capabilities fit precisely to the students' needs (3). This is where Norway thrives. 

In a decentralized education system, the different institutions and individuals must collaborate and cooperate. Good practices of teaching pedagogy are born out of collective efforts to try and refine practical learning tools. In Norway, both public and private organizations stepped up to share and disperse responsibility for technological advancements catered to education.

With a robust economy and market calling for innovations, Norway became one of the leading countries that have cultivated a culture supporting education technology. Investors are more than willing to dive into edtech startups and companies because the initiatives show the benefits of Norways' world-class education reputation in action.

Out of all countries in Europe, over 17% of the total edtech investments go to startups and companies in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), and education is the third largest vertical measured in single investments made in the Norway (4). The competitiveness of the edtech industry in Norway made it possible for the country to host technology companies that are widely popular and used worldwide. 

11 of the top EdTech startups and companies in Norway:

1. Kahoot!

Kahoot is one of the biggest successes of the edtech market in Norway. They developed an educational tool where teachers can make quizzes more entertaining, engaging, fun, and competitive for students.

2. Scrimba

Scrimba is an online platform for IT professionals, specifically software coders. Through Scrimba, users can share their works by using interactive coding screencasts. Online courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more are also available.

3. WeWantToKnow

WeWantToKnow develops applications focusing on mathematics. The company aims to reinvent how learning applications tackle math, specifically geometry and algebra.

4. TapBookAuthor

TapBookAuthor provides a cloud-based cross-platform app featuring tools for authoring. Users can create interactive ebooks by incorporating audio, video, animations, and other clickable multimedias.

5. Motimate

Motimate is a mobile-based corporate training platform that provides engaging learning content on the go. Courses are provided and made to match the user's pace of learning.

6. Lesemester

Lesemester is one of the most prominent edtech startups that provide homeschooling solutions with a vast content library for students. The platform also allows users to participate in quizzes and keep track of their reading progress.

7. Attensi

Attensi is simulation-based learning for companies to train their employees in different aspects of their skills. The company provides various tools for employers, such as leadership, behavior, skill, and competency training.

Attensi uses realism and gamification in their simulations to teach their users what to do and act in specific scenarios unique to their line of work.

8. Get Voiceable

Get Voiceable is an online educational platform that targets speech training. Acting as a speech coach providing real-time, instant feedback on how the audience might perceive you from your speech.

9. Inspera

Inspera is an assessment platform built for K-12 and higher education. It allows users to provide and monitor online exams. Inspera also provides services for learning management, analytics, grading, and student information system.

10. Kikora

Kikora is focused on math-solving as a form of collaboration with easy yet in-depth solutions that encourage students to solve problems while having fun.

Learnlink is a tutoring platform that provides personalized tutoring to its users with several tools to track the user's academic progress and providing tailored semester plans, digital books, and progress reports for parents.