Switzerland EdTech - Top Startups & Companies

Education in Switzerland is unconventional in nature compared to other countries. However, the country's uniqueness when it comes to its education system, and education technology, is also what sets Switzerland apart. The country is internationally renowned for its high academic standards with research outputs that are recognized globally. Switzerland edtech startups and companies are further boosting the nations quality of education.

More so, Switzerland has gained international attention in terms of its student-centered education system.

Switzerland receives many international students seeking a high-quality education. As a result, the education system in Switzerland is incredibly diverse. 

To achieve an education that is diverse and inclusive for all students, Switzerland's education system is largely decentralized (1). Learning institutions are categorized into cantons and are overseen by Switzerland's State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. 

Each learning institutions are responsible for their own learning implementations. Academic freedom is highly exercised, and teachers are well-supported to pursue their own teaching styles as long as the results are exemplary and up to the standard. 

Through this method, learning institutions can properly assess their student population and uniquely respond to different teaching pedagogies (2). Cultivating a learning environment geared towards excellence through integration is the main goal of Switzerland achieved by empowering learning institutions to take charge of education.

However, the education sector is also a government responsibility. The Switzerland government provides generous funding and distributes it to the cantons where it can be properly allocated. The latest data on the Switzerland Federal Statistics Office shows that the Confederation, cantons, and communes spent 17.6% of the total public expenditure and 5.4% of the countries GDP (3). 

This is well above the global average of 3.5% (4).

The Current Status of EdTech in Switzerland

Switzerland has a world-renowned education system due to its high investments and public funding that has created an attractive market for entrepreneurs.

However, education technology in Switzerland faces certain niche restrictions. One of the major selling points of edtech is individual and home-based learning. Homeschooling is uncommon in Switzerland and is actually prohibited in some cantons. 

Despite that, the edtech market in Switzerland is very competitive and robust. Since learning institutions have the leeway to tailor an education system to their students, there are many edtech solutions. More so, the government highly encourages the integration of technology and digitalization in their education system. 

On another note, Switzerland emphasizes the citizen's right to education and support. This is why children and young adolescents with special educational needs are heavily focused on by the cantons. There is currently a large trend forming in edtech startups to provide solutions that ease and improve students' education.

11 top EdTech startups and companies in Switzerland:

1. Smartest

Smartest is an application that provides effective learning solutions for teachers, students, parents, and schools. It's an all-around mobile app with tools and resources that the user will need in terms of education. Their feature includes the ability to scan documents, create personalized quizzes and tests, flashcards as a review tool, and more.

2. RosieReality

RosieReality is a company that develops applications geared towards robotics. Their application aims to stimulate and exercise the user's ability to program, create, and solve simple mechanical problems. These are done through programming the app's virtual robot using 3D shapes and AR puzzles.

3. Taskbase

Taskbase is an online platform that manages e-learning content. Through the platform, users can create, share, and organize learning materials and contents. Users are also assisted by artificial intelligence for automated correction. Self-assessments can also be made through Taskbase using their student statistics.

4. Rebels Technologies

Rebels Technologies is a marketplace for students to meet with other students for academic and non-academic needs. It's a form of social media that helps students meet other students near their location. Rebels Technologies marketplace also allows students to provide and seek academic assistance. Students who offer their services are paid appropriately.

5. VirtaMed

VirtaMed is a platform that develops surgical simulators for medical training in virtual reality. The company aims to boost health institutions and physicians' education through the use of virtual reality in delivering efficient medical training in a risk-free environment.

6. The Experience Accelerator

The Experience Accelerator is an online leadership development platform that focuses on developing necessary technical and soft skills in a working environment. The platform offers a virtual coach where employees can practice their skills and get real-time feedback.

7. PocketJam

PocketJam is a mobile app that explains financial education to children through gamification. It's a great tool for parents to teach sound financial decisions and independence to their kids in a fun and engaging way.

8. Diplomero

Diplomero is a platform that offers instructor-led skill development courses online. The courses available are software and technology, finance, health, application and job start, presentation, and marketing.

9. Dybuster

Dysbuster is one of the EdTech companies in Switzerland that is at the forefront of special education. Their educational software is targeted to accommodate students with learning difficulties. They have a long line of products dedicated to language and mathematics skills.

10. Speaksli

Speaksli is a language learning platform that uses animated videos to engage its users in learning a new language at their own pace. The platform offers ten different languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

11. MalMath

MalMath is an application the provides a comprehensive solution to any equational math problems. The app functions as simple as a calculator, but it provides more than just the problem's answer. MalMath shows the complete solution and explanations to every equational problem.