9 Leading EdTech Companies in Germany

Some of the worlds largest, most successful and well-known edtech companies are in Germany. The education technology sector is growing fast, like many other nations, and several startups and established organizations have developed innovative apps, platforms, tools, technologies, and techniques for improving learning environments globally.

Top 9 edtech startups & companies in Germany:


ResearchGate is an online community designed for scientists and researchers to share research papers. Over 130 million research papers are available. 


Blinkist is a book-summarizing application highlighting critical points of books, translating them into text and audio.


Babbel is one of the worlds leading language learning applications offering courses in 13 of the most-spoken languages.


Masterplan is an online platform that offers companies learning programs through exclusive content, quizzes, presentations, texts, interactive videos, gamification, and more within courses.


CoachHub created a digital training solution provider for corporations that offers bi-weekly video training sessions, microlearning chapters, among many other features.


Sofatutor is a digital educational platform that offers high school students video tutorials for exam preparation and recapitulates lessons. 


UserLane is an online employee training platform providing onboarding software solutions while acting as a learning management software that offers features including step-by-step process guidance, interactive guides, employee management, real-time training, and employee performance analytics.


COMATCH is a digital marketplace for expert consulting to connect businesses and professionals by skills, qualifications, and experience. 


Tandem provides language learning services through scheduled lectures, online text-based or video-based tutoring, calls, and in-house tutors. They focus on language learning through discussion.